Product Description
Product description

Zhejiang Xinye Packing Co.,Ltd is one of the biggest Crown cap manufactures in china, with sales volume listing on top 2 for several years. The main products are ordinary caps, bacteria free cap, QR code cap and stainless cap.

Crown cap
Selling all over the country
Printed steel
Provided to the major production distributors
PVC-free pellets
Cooperation with universities to develop products
Company Profile
Company Profile

Zhejiang Xinye Packing Co.,Ltd, which consists of metal decoration, PVC-free pellet production and crown caps production, is a professional crown cap manufacture enterprise. Now it has three wholly owned subsidiaries (that is: Wuhan Xinye Packing Co.,Ltd, Changchun Xinye Packing Co.,Ltd, Deqing County H&S Sealing Material Co.,Ltd). 

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